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10 27 How to recover deleted Word documents on Windows 10/8/7, open the Microsoft Word software, click File>Open, check the location of the automatic recovery file, navigate to the location of the automatic recovery file, and then check Is there any wbk file? If yes, please select the required file. Here is how to search the backup file of Word in Microsoft Word. For the instructions of the old version of Word, please refer to the Microsoft documentation. ring doorbell deleted video recovery After starting Word, first click the file >Open, next, click Browse, and then navigate to the folder where the lost file was last saved, in the 'File Type' list (all Word documents), click 'All Files',

  5 28 Quick solution, select the start or search icon in the system tray, type the name of the document, and then press Enter, if the 'File' list contains the document, double-click the document to open it in Word, if the 'File' list does not If the file is included, go to option 2 and find the folder you used last 5 14 Word \xA8C How to recover unsaved documents, open Word, and click \xA1\xB0Open other documents\xA1\xB1 at the bottom left of the screen (Hint: If you don\xA1\xAFt see To this screen, please click 'File' -> 'Open') Scroll to the bottom list of 'Recent Documents', and then click the 'Restore Unsaved Documents' button. A: Generally, posts about Word also apply to Word , The first thing to look for is the file in the same folder named 'wbk backup', the file will be the file before the most recent save, open the folder containing the document name, and then copy with the latest modification period and time Asd file, 5 Return to MS Word, click 'File', then 'Open', then scroll to the bottom of the list of recent documents, and then click 'Restore Unsaved Documents',  2 6

  1 16 Use file recovery software to recover deleted Word files. Step 1 select the location of the Word file. Do you know where the Word file is lost? Select the hard drive or a specific folder and click San Step 2 Scan all the lost data, the software will immediately start scanning all the lost data on it,

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